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James H. MacConnell

Integrated Systems Health Management

Advanced  Composite Technology

The use of advanced composite materials has increased dramatically in recent years. A close examination of the design approaches and manufacturing techniques used shows however that we are far from tapping the potential for efficient, low cost structure that composites offer. Being able to move past the conventional design practices to a composite centric design philosophy takes a change in perspective. Consensus helps catalyze that shift by bringing a unique combination of composite based design philosophy, rigorous analytical background, practical manufacturing  experience and in depth knowledge of the relationships between design, cost, requirements, supportability, etc. to the design effort.

Services: Concept development, design assessment,and problem resolution on an ongoing basis or as part of a review/Tiger team.

While advanced composites transform what we design, Integrated System Health Management (ISHM) offers the potential to transform how we design, leading to revolutionary breakthroughs in safety, reliability, efficiency and cost. While currently stuck in a maintenance paradigm (“find the defect/failure”), a capability based  paradigm(“what can I do”)  coupled with ISHM based conceptual design offers the ability to transform the entire life cycle of a system including the way systems are certified. The exploration of the benefits of ISHM from a total system perspective is just now taking hold. Consensus is on the forefront of that exploration.

Services: ISHM design concept development and evaluations. Broad based business case studies/assessments.

In an ideal world, developing technology and transitioning it to the “real world” would be an easy task. Simply show how the technology is better than the status quo and it would be adopted straight away. In reality, the transitioning of new technologies is a challenging proposition involving a number of considerations. Many times, the technologist gets lost in the process of trying to communicate the benefits of the technology in the language of the “customer” with the result that transition simply does not happen. While Consensus cannot make transition happen, we have a passion for technology decision making which allows us to identify the critical aspects of technology transition that need to be addressed, construct a business case addressing those concerns, bring a robust decision making process into play that allows the technology to be fairly compared with other approaches, and, ultimately, communicate the results, positive or negative, in a clear and compelling manner to a variety of audiences. It is the latter, the compelling communication of the benefits of and the business case for a technology that has the ability to shift the technology transition discussion from the technologist having to “Prove why we should do this” to the intermediate decision maker having to answer “Prove how we can afford not to follow this lead?”.

Services: Technology transition business case development and decision support with a dash of collaborative evangelism.